Grand Champion Makeitso Hawkeye Pierce (23 Usual, ruddy, tawny)
Grand Champion Nile Golden Eye x
Champion Pinegrove Kathryn Janeway (& FIFé Champion)

We very sadly lost Hawk, our beautiful boy, very unexpectedly on 22nd March 2014 to sudden acute kidney failure.
Our vets were great with him but he had to be put to sleep to avoid him suffering.
His patience with visiting queens will be remembered by all who knew him.
He was a real love bug himself and happily drooled over all he met.
Hawkeye was Goldie's last son.  He had his father's wonderful temperament and liveliness!
Lord of all I survey! July 2010.
Look at me - I'm a Champion!  February 2009

October 2008
 - - - - - - - - - -
Hawk at just over five months - feeling really at home.  Isn't he growing to be like his Dad?
Hawk at almost four months

Hawk (born 18.12.07) had only been here for a few days when
the first picture was taken and it doesn't do him justice!
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