Grand Champion Silversmoke Dan Dare (23 - Usual, ruddy, tawny)
(Gr Ch Calderon Blackadder x Libella Louisiannah)

We are devastated to say that we lost our Dan on Monday 9th February 2009,
a week short of his tenth birthday. 
Since December Dan was being treated for Tritrichomonas Foetus. 
He was making good progress but sadly had a relapse and we lost him. 

He was the most wonderful character, gentle but firm with his girls
and always encouraging them with his friendly chirrups. 
He was so pleased to see us and all visitors, giving us a good grooming and talking to. 
We will miss him dreadfully but are so lucky to have some of his descendants with us.

We would like to thank Isobel Hansell for her article in Papyrus which gave us the clue
to Danís problem and would urge others to read this
also information on the Feline Advisory Bureau website. 

Her help and support have been invaluable despite the eventual outcome. 

We would also like to thank other close friends who have supported us through this. 
You know who you are.

Dan won two Imperial certificates at the age of eight.


Dan being a loving chap!

Relaxing on a sultry afternoon



 On his eighth birthday (16.02.07)



Dan looking more comfortable than Barbara!


I want a girl!



Danís home in our garden - Radio 4 provided, wildlife and chickens to watch.

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